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Siren Drops are a dual purpose serum that has many benefits and are rich in Vitamins A & E. Not only are Siren Drops an antioxidant but they also moisturize and prime your face and can even strengthen your eyelashes. The moisturizing agent is avocado oil which is incredibly nourishing especially for problem skin (such as eczema or psoriasis) and has great UV absorption properties. Siren drops actually heal your face, which helps make your skin appear visibly younger and healthy looking; They can even be applied before bed to insure you wake up looking replenished.

• Softens and hydrates 

• Primer before makeup 

• Heals sunburns

• Strengthens eyelashes 

• Relieves Eczema

• Duel Nightime Face Serum 

• Reduces acne / acne scars