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Who Is Copacetic Cosmetics?

How It Began

The seeds that eventually became Copacetic Cosmetics were planted in 2013 when my (Olivia) love of polish reached its peek and I found the world of Indie Polish (previously known as franken polish).

I started Cascade Polish while I was a stay at home mom and my husband Chris was working a 12hr shift at a factory. Cascade Polish was more of a hobby than a business and I met so many wonderful people through it. 

However once starting my own company I found myself only using my polishes and attaching my worth to the condition of my nails. I would spend hours making sure they were cared for and decorated, and when I would break a nail it would negatively effect my mental health to an unhealthy extreme. 

In 2014 (after the birth of my daughter) I chose to focus more on my mental health and family and closed the company down.

In the time span of 2014 - 2016 I fell in love again, but this time with cosmetics.

I was always buying the newest releases of all the popular "impulse" brands. This hobby turned toxic around 2015 when I was spending rent & utility money on makeup. It became a coping mechanism for my depression and loneliness. Chris was still working long hours at a factory and I needed something healthy to focus energy and time on.

In early 2016 I motioned starting the nail polish company again, and Chris encouraged me to dream bigger. He suggested that I open a full cosmetics line including polish, and I started working on a July 1st 2017 launch date.

With the collection of cosmetics I had built up as my base of comparison I started researching and experimenting with my own formulas. I started dreaming of an affordable makeup line that provides beautiful items with little to no impulse pressure. I never wanted to enable someone else to spend their rent / utility money on our products, which is why we do not have many LE items or discontinuations. 

Who Are We?

  • Copacetic Cosmetics is ran by a very small team.
  • From 2017 - 2020 Copacetic Cosmetics was a one woman show
  • In 2020 Chris was able to quit his factory job and Copacetic Cosmetics became our sole income. For a family of 5 this was not a lot to live off of, but we were all able to be home with each other and that meant so much more to us than anything else.
  • In 2021 My mother and Aunt joined the team as well. We were able to open a small store front in our little town with a population of less than 1,300 people.
  • Today in 2022 our team still consists of myself, my husband, my mother, my aunt, and the help of a part time local senior.

What We Stand For

Our largest goal here at Copacetic Cosmetics is to provide beautiful, affordable, and safe products for everyone. 

  • Beautiful & Unique: Something I refuse to do is to follow trends just for the sake of it. I really love making products that inspire and excite me. My #1 favorite part of my job is getting to mix and create beautiful products on a whim. At any given time I have at least 30 unreleased prototypes just because I love the creation aspect so much.
  • Affordability: We are probably best known for our $2 Tuesday sales. We launch these new shades at a 60% off discounted price so that everyone can participate in new launches without remorse. I always think back to when I would spend our rent/utility money on new releases in order to not feel like I'm missing out. So having these "backward" sales is very important to me. 
  • Safe & Ethical: In 2016 when I started researching cosmetics I quickly understood that I needed to ALWAYS make sure my products were safe. This is one reason I refuse to private label. Not that I have anything against it personally, I just always want to be in the room where products are made so that I know fully what is in them and the conditions in which they are made. When working with any new supplier for ingredients or packaging I always ask questions and request documents to insure the ingredients are sourced properly and to verify an ethical supply chain.  We have recently started using synthetic pigments which are an alternative to mica. I know that I can fully trust my customers and peers to keep me updated and in check on the ever changing beauty industry. 

Contact Us!

How do I contact support?

We have a few ways to be reached:

Our live chat on our website is the fastest route

Also reaching out to us via email at support@copaceticcosmetics.com is a great option!

You can even reach us via Instagram messages (however we do not recommend this if you have a question about an order).

Questions about Orders

What do I do if my package arrives broken?

All damages must be reported to us within 3 days of arrival:

•If you purchased Route Package Protection, then your order is insured, and will be refunded or replaced. All we ask is for you to email  3 clear photos and any comments to Route Protection. They are a third party insurance company that we have partnered with and they handle all claims.

• If you purchased first class shipping and did not purchase the insurance add on, then your order is not insured and refunds or replacements will not be sent out.

How can I return an item?

We currently do not accept returns due to the nature of our products; Since it would be impossible to know if the product had been used we, for sanitary concerns, do not accept returns. 

How long will it take for my items to ship?

All items are handmade and although I try to have a few premade, there could be a processing time of 15 - 30 business days.*Note: We are a small 4 person team, this means all the photographing, web editing, social media posting, formulating, pressing, pouring, mixing, labeling, packaging, and shipping is all done by 4 people. Please be understanding during the processing time.** During holidays and sales the turn around time may be extended for up to 45 business days, due to increased order volume. 

Can I make multiple orders but only pay shipping once?

Of course! If you make an order and wish to order more items BEFORE your first order ships, then we will refund the second shipping cost and ship together as one order. 

Can I cancel my order?

Since most items are made to order, and all of our cosmetics are handmade, we are unable to accept cancelations on orders that are still within our stated processing time.


If a chargeback is opened, or threatened, in retaliation you will no longer be welcome to shop our website in the future. Your account will be deleted, and all points/rewards will be forfeited.


If an order is canceled after it has been packaged / shipped we reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee.


(Please note: processing times are extended during new item launches and seasonal sales)


If you need an order for a special occasion be sure to add that information to your note section so we are aware of your deadline. Also reaching out via our live chat support for updates is a good idea as well to insure we see your note.


We are always happy to accommodate in any way possible.


We appreciate your support, and hope you can understand.

Public Relations Requests (PR)

I would love to recive products in exchange for reviews

We are so glad that you are interested in our products! Currently we are not looking for PR members, however making a purchase and sharing our photos are great ways of supporting us.

Fixing Damaged Makeup

How do I fix damaged matte eye shadows?

Our matte eyeshadows are not poured using alcohol, and are instead dry pressed.

The best way to attempt to fix a damaged matte eyeshadow is to lay a piece of cloth over the eyeshadow tin and then use a quarter to press it into the tin. Using a hard object such as a hammer, book, paper weight, etc to tap on the quarter with pressure to rebind the eyeshadow into a solid piece.

How do I fix a damaged highlighter

Our highlighters are wet poured which means they can be easily fixed by rewetting with 91% Isopropyl alcohol, mixing till all chunks are broken down, and then allowing it to dry. After 12 hours it should be fully dried and ready to be pressed down with a fabric cloth.