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FLakies, Flakies, Flakies

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Victorian Quad

Iridescent Pressed Flakies

These flakies shift from a colorless/white to bright shimmering colors depending on the light. These work beautifully layered over darker colors on the lid, or as inner corner/brow bone highlighters. They can be applied on top of a tacky base if a more opaque look is desired.

Unicorn Policy Quad

Colored Pressed Flakies

Colored flakies such as the Luna quad or the Unicorn Policy Quad are flakies mixed with different colored micas. The flakies leave a trail of mica and can be blended down into a shimmer. For a more opaque look they can be layered with a tacky base.

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The Learning Curve 

We created these palettes, unique to the beauty community, to make flakies easier to use vs. the loose dry flakies. That said, this is a new formula that will take some playing around with the first use so that you can find the best way to incorporate them into your routine. Our pressed flakies bring a beautiful texture to any look, and are a fun new product to have in your collection.

By Affiliate Monica T (@Mjones5018)