Why are my favorites out of stock?

Big Changes!!!

Uh-oh!  Why is it that everything "out of stock"? 

We're switching  from "Made To Order" to "Ready To Ship"!

While we're giving our store a fabulous makeover, some of our items might temporarily vanish from the shelves. But no worries, it's all part of our glam transformation! Our plan is to make the full conversion by October 1st!

You see, we handcraft over 900 stunning beauty products, and making this switch is a glam-packed endeavor. But guess what? We're totally pumped to glam it up! 

If there's a beauty essential you're longing for that's currently  off the shelves, just drop us an email at support@copaceticcosmetics.com.
We'll work our makeup magic to restock it ASAP!

A huge shoutout to you for your amazing support. Your love keeps our beauty game strong! 


With over 600 different eyeshadows it is going to be an uphill battle trying to keep them all in stock! We promise to do our best to send out restock alerts but please don't hesitate to jump into our inbox!

Nail Polish

While we work on restocking we will be discontinuing some shades here and there, but no worries we do NOT throw away our recipes so if one of your favorites doesn't make the cut we are able to custom mix just let us know!

Our Team

After having my husband and mother by my side for over 2 years we have changed things up a bit here in the workshop and we are back down to a team of two!

Making this change to "Ready To Ship" will allow us a nice breather in-between restocks!