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How COVID-19 is affecting Copacetic Cosmetics

One of the benefits of being a small brand is that Copacetic Cosmetics is ran out of the safety of my own home office, I also have ZERO employees so that means no one is coming in from the outside into my workspace. You can rest assured that I am taking precautions to keep my home as safe as possible for my children as well as for the business. 

Here's the Situation

My Current Dilemmas  

- My USA suppliers have closed down till early April, leaving me without certain ingredients for products.

- My children are now home full time while their school is shut down till early April, leaving me with less hours to work.

- As a one woman show I am currently getting more orders than I can handle within the current TAT so please be extra patient during this time please.

Things to know 

- It is always okay to email and ask for the status of your order, I will never feel offended or think you are being rude.

- I 100% understand the feeling of waiting for items to arrive and how easy it is to get inpatient, you are not alone in this.

- Even if you order only a small order you don't see the other orders piled ahead of your order which is causing the delay in your order being shipped, please think of everyone else.

The website is still open to order.

Items are still shipping out.

All orders are shipped in order they are made. Unless I do not have items on hand for said order, then I will move forward as to not cause a delay for everyone.

Please email me at:
if you have any concerns

Current Delayed Orders Include:

- March Convert Boxes (as I wait for an order of supplies expected to arrive in 1 weeks)

- Elysian Palettes (as I wait for a pigment being shipped to me by a fellow brand owner helping out in this time of need)

- Certain $2 Tuesday orders (also waiting on a pigment being shipped from a fellow brand owner)

- Any order recently made (as I try to get the older orders taken care of as quickly as I can.)